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Response to Covid-19


In 2020, Strategic Care Solutions (SCS)  pivoted quickly and efficiently  to meet the unprecedented needs brought on by the  Covid-19 pandemic. While SCS continues to evolve with these unprecedented times, some of the most successful business integrations thus far include:

    • SCS maintains site presence in facilities to assist with management as well as monitor and mitigate the spread of the novel Covid-19 virus .
    •  Infection Preventivists are provided with intense, ongoing training to stay up to date on the latest information.
    • Development assistance is available to establish Covid testing protocols for both residents and staff.
    • Regular compliance audits maintain the integrity and consistency of progress and development in each facility.
    • Development of  SCS specific Audit Tools for both SNFs and ALFs.

SCS  continues to support clients in meeting the myriad of compliance requirements set forth  by both CMS and corresponding state agencies

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020, designated aid for state governments to support Covid efforts.  Additionally, the Rhode Island Executive Office of Health and Human Services created the Covid-19 Long Term Sevices and Supports (LTSS) Resiliency Program. These avenues, when accessed effectively with the assistance of SCS advocates,  have made funds available to many facilities.

In the past year, SCS has composed and submitted multiple EOHHS grant applications, resulting in  four skilled nursing facilities being awarded $1,000,000 each. These funds will be put to use addressing continued Covid concerns  and enabling each facility to develop plans expanding their service lines. Additionally, one of these grants is being used to  create and implement Memory Care Assisted Living within an established nursing facility;

The state of Massachusetts has initiated reforms under the the Accountability and Supports Package 2.0, aiming to improve standard of care as well as  infection control. . One of these reforms mandates that nursing homes take immediate steps to reduce or eliminate rooms with more than two residents. This shift will improve infection control and the quality of life of residents. 

SCS has been closely following the impact of this reform measure on affected facilities.   an is able to assist with Determination of Need applications for facilities needing to undergo changes to meet these mandates. lities;

Additional advantages to onboarding with Strategic Cares Solutions include:  

    •  A Clinical Reimbursement Director experienced  in assessing compliance with MDSs and reimbursement.is 
    • The SCS Accounts Receivable Specialists, who are credited with  collecting over $4,000,000 in medicaid funds for clients as well as being  in progressing medicaid applications to approval status.
    • The Interim Administrator and Director of Nursing Program has been a huge success. Read more about this dynamic option in the Services section.

Representatives are ready and waiting with  more information and to answer any and all questions about the benefits of Strategic Care Solutions, LLC.