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Determination of Need

The Determination of Need Law governs healthcare facilities and can be complex to understand. The law aims to introduce competition into the healthcare market, but a provider must first prove there is a need before setting up a substantial capital expenditure, change in services and licensure, and other significant changes.

You must file a comprehensive Determination of Need (DoN) report when planning capital improvement projects. Here’s how Strategic Care Solutions can help.

Who is Strategic Care Solutions

Strategic Care Solutions offers administrative consulting for nursing and assisted living homes. Our team is experienced dealing with legislation and regulations that surround the care sector. Your care facility keeps you busy—why not outsource tedious regulatory challenges to experts in senior care solutions?

Strategic Care Solutions has helped many skilled nursing facilities navigate the DoN application and we’re eager to do the same for you. Let Strategic Care Solutions support you as you seek approval from the state’s Public Health Council for your capital improvement project.

Nursing Home 2-Bed Maximum Requirement

Within Massachusetts, the state has introduced regulations under the Determination of Need Law concerning the number of beds per room in care facilities. Skilled nursing facilities will not be reimbursed for rooms with 3 or more beds, and they could even face delicensure or have to close their doors permanently.

For nursing and assisted care facilities, this presents a challenge and a threat to the business. Not only does it decrease your census and revenue streams, but it also affects capital expenditure as you work to make the correct adjustments.

Strategic Care Solutions can support facilities to find imminent solutions to this problem. They can work quickly as they have experience of helping other areas and have developed plans that can be adapted to care facilities. If you are not sure whether you have a problem or need advice on how to adapt to the new regulations, Strategic Care Solutions will be able to help.


Determination of Need Assessment 

One of the main requirements of the Determination of Need Law is that a care provider has to demonstrate there is a need for the service before it is established. Strategic Care Solutions has worked with many care facilities as they maneuver capital improvement projects, including but not limited to the two-bed requirement.

If you are wondering how to achieve compliance with the Nursing Home Resident Bedroom 2-Bed Maximum Requirement or are looking for help in developing a similar determination of need assessment, Strategic Health Solutions can help. Reach out and call us today.